Transatlantic troubles create room to think: Episode 8

First we lead with the good: The Netherlands reported 0 deaths from COVID-19 on June 22, the day Kaj and Joel checked in to record the latest episode of Atlantic Anchors. Right now, we’ll take any good news, and that is very, very good news.

The news isn’t so good for the Transatlantic relationship. If you’ve subscribed to our newsletter, you already know that on both sides of the Atlantic, foreign-policy thinkers are contemplating the passing of one vision of global society, and coming to grips with the world to come – a world taking shape faster than many of us thought it would.

Crisis creates opportunity, and in this episode, Kaj and Joel announce a deep dive into the building blocks of international relations themselves. We hope you will join us on this stage of the journey. May these times of troubles also be times of invention.