Joel Weickgenant (Baraboo, WI, 1980) is an editor, writer and analyst who runs the foreign-policy website RealClearWorld out of Washington, D.C. Formally a dual citizen in the Netherlands, and adoptively so in Italy, he is happiest when riding a train through the old continent or taking a road trip in the new. Either way, folks and friends should be the destination, a stout or hoppy beer should be in hand, and a good pair of cowboy boots should trod the final miles. (Kilometers?)

Kaj Leers (Amsterdam, 1975) is a communications adviser, campaigner, writer of books about political communication and a former journalist and editor. An avid reader and relentless consumer of anything having to do with international politics and foreign affairs, Kaj is also an avowed fan of Atlantic Enlightenment ideals and anything European. Likes his beers light but not too light, sugary but not too sugary.