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Failures to communicate: Episode 5

Leaders the world over face a multifaceted crisis that affects every layer of society. In a situation where there is no pain-free exit, communication is crucial. Joel and Kaj discuss some of the layers of poor communication, including the ongoing saga of the Bonds of Wrath.

More exciting still, our first guest steps onto the deck this week. Kaj speaks with Chatham House research fellow Pepijn Bergsen, previously an economic policy advisor for the Dutch government. They discuss some quieter aspects of Transatlantic cooperation that you might have missed under all of the COVID sound and fury, as well as what it will take for the troubled relationship to see things through.

Finally, you won’t want to miss the return of Beer Time. It’s the pause we all need in these troubled times. Even the socially distanced must sometimes share a sip from afar.

To many Dutchmen, an Italian divorce sounds just fine

As we discuss in our latest podcast episode, Italy is a microcosm of the European Union. The north is one of Europe’s most prosperous regions, a crossroads of trade and industry. The south is a perennial periphery, dogged by persistent poverty and structurally high unemployment. In the north, people ask why they should bail out their southern brethren. Indeed, the populist Lega, one of the country’s most powerful political parties, was originally the Lega Nord, a party that preached secession and practiced the pursuit of autonomy for northern regions. The south holds grudges of its own, caricaturing northern industry as rapacious and exploitative. Sound familiar? It will if you’ve followed the politics of the European Union since 2008. 

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