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Words have meaning – Episode 2

In the second episode of Atlantic Anchors, Kaj and Joel measure the toll of political fragmentation in Germany. The sudden February crisis within Germany’s powerful Christian Democratic Union party serves as Kaj’s guide as he explains the forces that are straining political parties — and political bodies of all kinds — all across the West. 

Joel in the meantime revisits the Munich Security Conference, which took place in mid-February. The gathering lets us look at how our leaders think about themselves and think about each other. In this case, they seemed to be walking on different planets. Joel dissects the language used by the different leaders to show just how different the topography of those two worlds is right now.

For U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s speech in Munich, ‘The West Is Winning,’ visit this link. The 2020 Munich Security Report, ‘Westlesness,’ can be downloaded here.

China Wants A Menage A Trois – Episode 1

In this first episode of Atlantic Anchors, Joel Weickgenant and Kaj Leers look at the rifts between Europe and the United States caused by differences of opinion regarding China. The U.S. government doesn’t want European countries doing business with China, and Washington’s motives aren’t clearly understood. We focus on one story about ASML, a Dutch company that is the market leader in devices used to produce high-end computer chips. ASML’s troubles help us tell a broader story about the China-shaped wedge that is opening up between the United States and Europe. In short: The U.S. wants to prevent China from getting its hands on such technology. But why? Should Europe follow the American lead on this?

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