About Atlantic Anchors

The bi-weekly podcast Atlantic Anchors gives you the view on geopolitical affairs from both sides of the Atlantic. It is run by Joel Weickgenant and Kaj Leers.

We live in a stormy informational space. The volume of news, views and the way these are used makes it harder to hear each other at all – and harder still to understand. The lack of genuine understanding and the constant stream of shameless misinformation strain the alliance between the United States and Europe.

Let’s face it: We’ve been loving each other for a while now, but recently things have gotten a little stale. Consider Atlantic Anchors as relationship therapy for the transatlantic alliance.

We at Atlantic Anchors strive to help Americans understand the European view on things, and Europeans the American view. We do so without forwarding a political-ideological agenda, and with an eye to all levels of society, politics and media, and the different priorities each has. And we’re upfront about one thing: we want this relationship to continue.

Atlantic Anchors will be presented by us. Whenever possible or necessary, we aim to provide you with interviews, extra narratives, explainers and asides.

We hope to further mutual understanding and remain close to each other. We aim to provide an anchor of calm in these stormy seas.

Let’s stay together.

Joel & Kaj.